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The purpose of the California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) is to support the creation of new and innovative apprenticeship opportunities in priority and emerging industry sections or areas in which apprenticeship training does not currently exist. The Technical Assistance Grant will provide funding for one awardee to perform the following: First the awardee is expected to design and implement an evaluation plan for the CAI programs. Second, the TA awardee will create an outreach strategy to engage employers, potential apprentices, the K-12 Career Technical Education system and others as needed for the successful implementation of the CAI. The strategy should include a Client Relationship Management system (CRM), website, social media, print, video or other methods to encourage participation in apprenticeship programs being developed by CAI grantees, as well as existing apprenticeship programs in California.
Eligible Entities
Academic Institutions
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Community colleges only.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Oct 28, 2015
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Sep 17, 2015
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California Community College Chancellor's Office: Division of Workforce and Economic Development
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Competition Notes
Only California Community Colleges are eligible to apply for this TA grant. If an application does not meet a minimum score of 75 points deemed to meet the performance and viability standards, it will not be funded, and the RFA can be re-issued for competitive bid or sole-sourced in the form of a capacity-building grant.
The CCCCO will consider past performance of grantees prior to awarding additional funds to those reapplying for contracts and grants, and shall deny applications from grantees that exhibited unsatisfactory performance, unless evidence of corrective measures taken an/or is presented. Therefore past performance of other state grants will be a consideration prior to final s
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Program Staff:

For substantive questions, email John Dunn at jdunn@cccco,edu by October 2, 2015.
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