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The purpose of the Forest Legacy Program is to protect environmentally important forest land threatened with conversion to non-forest uses. Protection of California’s forests through this program ensures they continue to provide such benefits as sustainable timber production, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, watershed protection and open space. Intact forests also contribute significantly to the storage and sequestration of carbon. All projects funded by this program must demonstrate the potential for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction benefits.

Under this competitive grant program, CAL FIRE will provide funding for purchases of conservation easements or fee title of productive forest lands to encourage their longterm conservation. Organizations must find an eligible entity that is willing to hold the conservation easement and perform the monitoring and protection of the easement.

Eligible properties include those with working forest and rangelands, where the property is managed for the production of forest products and traditional forest uses are maintained and where the land contains at least 75% forest cover. Landowners who wish to participate may sell or transfer certain rights, such as the right to develop the property or to allow public access, while retaining ownership of the property and the right to use it in any way consistent with the terms of the conservation easement and management plan.
Eligible Entities
Nonprofit Organizations, Private Corporations, State Government
Eligibility Notes
Eligible entities include land trusts, other state agencies or conservation organizations.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Dec 06, 2019
Due Date Notes
3 p.m. PST
Match Required?
Match Notes
The Forest Legacy Program seeks to encourage projects to increase the level of matching funding by offering a scoring criterion for increased matching funding. To receive these points, the matching funds must be secured and applications must include the award letters from other funding agencies/entities. Donated easement value also constitutes a match. Landowner donations must include a signed letter from the landowner stating the amount of donation. A total of 7 points if available to projects that meet both criteria.

• 3 points - Projects that include a match of at least 25% of the value of the easement. This can include secured funding from outside entities, and/or landowner donation.
• 4 points - Projects that include a match of at least 50% of the value of the easement. This can include secured funding from outside entities, and/or landowner donation. If a project meets this criterion, it will also be awarded the 3 points for the 25% match, for a total of 7 points.
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Total Amount Available for All Grants
Competition Notes
Forest Legacy applications are scored separately from the Forest Health applications and ranked out of 100 and on how well the project meets the criteria: Importance, Threat, Strategic Value, Readiness, Location, and Matching Funds.

More points will be given to projects that demonstrate multiple public benefits of significance. Significance of attributes is demonstrated by the quality and scope of the attributes. More points will be given to projects that exemplify a particular attribute or combination of attributes.
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