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The CRSI program provides funding for Capital Project development and implementation to support infrastructure safety and improvements for both intercity passenger and freight railroads. This can include projects to improve railroad safety, efficiency, and reliability; mitigate congestion at both intercity passenger and freight rail chokepoints; enhance multi-modal connections; and lead to new or substantially improved Intercity Passenger Rail corridors.
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, Private Corporations, State Government
Eligibility Notes
Eligible applicants for all project types are:
- A State or group of States;
- An Interstate Compact
- A public agency or public chartered authority established by one or more States
- A political subdivision of a State
- Amtrak or another Rail Carrier that provides Intercity Rail Passenger Transportation (as defined in 49 U.S.C. 24102)
- A Class II railroad or Class III railroad (as those terms are defined in 49 U.S.C. 20102)
- Any Rail Carrier or rail equipment manufacturer in partnership with at least one of the entities listed above
- The Transportation Research Board together with any entity with which it contracts in the development of rail-related research, including cooperative research programs
- A University transportation center engaged in rail-related research
- A non-profit labor organization representing a class or craft of employees of Rail Carriers or Rail Carrier contractors

Eligible projects are:
- Deployment of railroad safety technology, including PTC and rail
integrity inspection systems
- A capital project as defined in 49 U.S.C. 24401(2) relating to Intercity Passenger Rail Service, except that such projects under this NOFO are not required to be in a State rail plan
- A Capital Project necessary to address congestion challenges affecting rail service
- A Capital Project necessary to reduce congestion and facilitate ridership growth in Intercity Passenger Rail Transportation along heavily traveled rail corridors
- A highway-rail grade crossing improvement project, including installation, repair, or improvement of grade separations, railroad crossing signals, gates, and related technologies; highway traffic signalization; highway lighting and crossing approach signage; roadway improvements such as medians or other barriers; railroad crossing panels and surfaces; and safety engineering improvements to reduce risk in quiet zones or potential quiet zones
- A rail line Relocation and Improvement project
- A Capital Project to improve short-line or regional Railroad Infrastructure
- The preparation of regional rail and corridor service development plans and corresponding environmental analyses
- A project necessary to enhance multimodal connections or facilitate service integration between rail service and other modes, including between Intercity Rail Passenger Transportation and intercity bus service or commercial air service
- The development and implementation of a safety program or institute designed to improve rail safety
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Jun 21, 2018
Due Date Notes
Applicants must submit complete applications at no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT, June 21, 2018.
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Feb 15, 2018
Match Required?
Match Notes
The Federal share of total costs for projects funded under this notice will not exceed 80 percent, though FRA will provide selection preference to applications where the proposed Federal share of total project costs is 50 percent or less. FRA will not accept ‘‘in-kind’’ contributions for the first 20 percent in matching funds. Eligible in-kind contributions may be accepted for any non-Federal matching beyond the first 20 percent.
Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
Total Amount Available for All Grants
Competition Notes
At least $17 million is available for Rural Projects.
Further Information
Program and NOFO Contacts:
Ms. Amy Houser
Office of Program Delivery
Federal Railroad Administration

Ms. Frances Bourne
Office of Policy and Planning
Federal Railroad Administration
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