Emergency Services
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The purpose of this program is to ensure rapid mobilization and response to public health emergencies, focusing on threatened or impacted jurisdictions. It is intended to 1) collect applications and budget requests from eligible applicants in the initial phase of a public health emergency to establish a list of approved but unfunded (ABU) applications, from which selection and funding can be rapidly executed and, 2) improve and enhance response and reduce morbidity and mortality. CDC may only fund some approved applicants based on the specific emergency supported by this mechanism, based on geography, impact, etc. Jurisdictions should be able to accomplish: earliest possible activation and management of emergency operations; earliest possible identification and investigation; timely implementation of intervention and control measures (as applicable to crisis); timely communication of risk and essential elements of information by partners; timely coordination and support of response activities with healthcare and other partners. Any funding tied to this program will only be made available once the CDC has determined an emergency exists or is considered imminent.
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies, Native American Tribes, State Government
Eligibility Notes
Eligible applicants are city or township governments, state government and federally-approved Native American tribal governments.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Dec 11, 2017
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Oct 11, 2017
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Preliminary Items
CDC recommends that applicants contact staff to discuss their proposals.
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U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
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Further Information
Primary Contact:
Noelle Anderson
Project Officer
(404) 553-8025

Financial, Awards Management, and Budget Assistance Contact:
Shicann Phillips
Grants Management Specialist
(770) 488-2809
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