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The National Defense Education Program (NDEP) K-16 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is providing funding to a single recipient to coordinate and implement the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC), which will identify and support stronger guidelines for conducting K-16 education and outreach programs. DSEC will work collaboratively with the Government to provide a cohesive strategy to meet the vision, roles, and goals outlined in the DoD STEM Strategic Plan. The DSEC strategic plan will support building and maintaining DOD's and the nation's STEM pipeline, reducing the number of STEM professionals who choose to leave DoD, and keeping DoD competitive with industry and other countries also seeking STEM talent.

The fundamental elements of the DSEC cooperative agreement are:
1) Consortium management;
2) Program evaluations, data collection, analysis, and reports;
3) Outreach/communications;
4) STEM Alumni management;
5) Strategic outreach initiatives.
Eligible Entities
Academic Institutions, Local Public Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, Private Corporations, State Government
Eligibility Notes
To be eligible for this application, applicants must form a Consortium. All consortium members must be an "eligible entity," which includes a State, a political subdivision of a State, an individual, and a not-for-profit or organization in the private sector. All consortium members are expected to have a significant involvement and input into the program. The Lead Organizations will lead efforts to meet the cooperative agreement's goals and manage overall efforts in program evaluations, communications, and outreach.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Jun 25, 2018
Most Recent RFP Release Date
May 22, 2018
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Department of Defense
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Competition Notes
This cooperative agreement is expected to have a project period of five years, resulting in a total of up to $82 million for the awardee.

In FY18, up to $7,000,000 is available for the first year of performance, with up to $15 million available per fiscal year over the next four years of the five years of performance.
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