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The JAG Program (34 U.S.C. §§10151-10158) is a key provider of federal criminal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions. The JAG Program provides critical funding necessary to support state and local initiatives including: technical assistance, strategic planning, research and evaluation (including forensics), data collection, training, personnel, equipment, forensic laboratories, supplies, contractual support, and criminal justice information systems. The Federal JAG Program supports eight Program Purpose Areas (PPAs) designated by federal statute.

California has three priority PPAs, each with corresponding priority areas of need. Applicants are restricted to proposals that address one or more of these three PPAs and include one or more related priority areas of need. California's priority PPAs are: Prevention and Education Programs; Law Enforcement Programs; and Prosecution, Courts, Defense, and Indigent Defense. See page 5 of the RFP for information on the priority areas of need within each priority PPA:
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies
Eligibility Notes
Only California’s 58 counties are eligible to apply. Partnerships of two or more counties may partner to submit one joint proposal. In these instances, one county Agency must serve as lead on the proposal and be identified as Lead Agency in the application.

As a part of the proposal development process, a county must convene a Local JAG Steering Committee to oversee the planning, development, implementation, and oversight of JAG-funded projects.

• The county – in collaboration with the Local JAG Steering Committee – must identify one county agency to serve as the applicant agency.
• Each county may submit only one proposal, whether as part of a multi-county partnership or on its own.
• Though the county is the applicant and administrator of JAG funds (through the applicant agency), a non-government agency can be assigned responsibility for the project management in accordance with conflict of interest considerations, as noticed above.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Apr 25, 2019
Due Date Notes
Grant Proposal Due to BSCC (must be received by 5:00 p.m.)
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Dec 06, 2018
Max Award
Total Possible Multi-Year Award
Annual or Multi-Year?
Preliminary Items
Applicants interested in applying for the JAG Grant are asked, but not required to, submit a non-binding Notice of Intent to Apply. Notices will aid the BSCC in planning for its proposal review process.

Notice of Intent to Apply Due to BSCC January 31, 2019
Match Required?
Board of State and Community Corrections
Competition Notes
The ESC has allowed Los Angeles County to compete for up to $2,000,000 annually because its population is more than three times that of the next largest county in the state. It will still compete as a large county.

The federal JAG Allocations to California are: $16,285,179 for 2017, $15,781,102 for 2018, and "To be announced" for 2019.
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