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The Family Violence Prevention (FX) Program provides funds to expand family and domestic violence prevention efforts under two program areas:
1. Program Area One - Provide financial and technical assistance to local domestic and family violence centers to implement community family violence prevention strategies
2. Program Area Two – Fund a statewide family violence prevention campaign

Those applying for Program Area Two - Conduct a Statewide Prevention Campaign must develop a family prevention campaign or expand on an existing family violence prevention campaign shown to be effective.
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations
Eligibility Notes
Eligible applicants include a Unit of government, Native American tribe, or community based organization, or a combination, thereof. Applicants must have an ongoing, recognized program dealing with an aspect of family violence and/or domestic violence, for at least two years, prior to the FX Program proposal due date.

Applicants may submit only one proposal, for either Program Area One or Program Area Two, described on the next page of the RFP.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Oct 08, 2018
Due Date Notes
One original and three copies of the proposal must be delivered to Cal OES by the date and time below. Submission options are: postmarked or hand-delivered, to the address below, by 5:00 pm on Monday, October 08, 2018.
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Aug 27, 2018
Max Award
# of Awards
Annual or Multi-Year?
Match Required?
Match Notes
A 10% match ($110,000) is required for the maximum award of $1.1 million.
California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)
Total Amount Available for All Grants
Competition Notes
$5 million is available total for both Program Area One and Two. Program Area Two applicants may apply for up to $1.1 million. Cal OES intends to fund only one proposal for Program Area Two.
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