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Applications are sought from public and private nonprofit entities to establish and operate voluntary family planning services projects, which shall provide family planning services to all persons desiring such services, with priority for services to persons from low-income families. Family planning services include clinical family planning and related preventive health services; information, education, and counseling related to family planning; and referral services as indicated.
Eligible Entities
Academic Institutions, K-12 School Districts, Local Public Agencies, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, State Government
Eligibility Notes
Any public or private nonprofit entity located in a state or territory is eligible to apply for a grant under this announcement. Even where states apply for a family planning services grant, local and regional entities may apply directly to the Secretary of health and Human Services for a family planning services grant. Faith-based organizations are also eligible to apply.
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Jan 03, 2018
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Oct 11, 2017
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While there is not a fixed cost-sharing percentage or amount, projects must include financial support from sources other than Title X.
U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
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David Johnson, Program Officer
(240) 453-2841
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