This is an open call for projects and grant applications. Request will be accepted on an on-going basis until all funding is expended. Grant recommendations will be brought before the RMC Board starting in January 2019 and at subsequent Board meetings. Applicants will need to submit applications at least 3 months in advance for consideration at any Board meeting. For consideration at the anticipated January 28, 2019 RMC Board meeting, applicants should submit applications by October 31, 2018. For consideration at the anticipated March 25, 2019 RMC Board Meeting, applicants would need to submit by December 31, 2018, etc.

The following costs are eligible for RMC grant funds:
■ Grant funds may be used for the acquisition, development, rehabilitation, restoration, and protection
of land and water resources.
■ Land acquisition costs may include appraisals, land, improvements, relocation costs, title reports,
surveying, and escrow. Land must be acquired from willing sellers and at fair market value.
■ Direct expenses include project-specific management costs such as CEQA/NEPA compliance,
permitting, direct project administration and management.
■ Projects that have lower overhead or no overhead costs will be deemed more competitive. The RMC
may cap indirect and overhead costs at 10% of the total project cost.
■ Proposition 1 funding has limited funding available for preparation of planning documents, such as
watershed plan updates, CEQA compliance documents and other planning documents (79735(d):
Up to 10 percent of the funds available pursuant to this section may be allocated for project planning)

Refer to pages 8 and 9 of the guidelines for a list of ineligible uses of grant funds.
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations
Eligibility Notes
All proposed projects must be located within the boundaries of the RMC and eligible applicants include
(Proposition 1, Chapter 4, Section 79712):
■ Public Agencies
■ Public Utilities that is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission
■ Federally recognized Indian tribes, state Indian tribes listed on the Native American Heritage
Commission’s California Tribal Consultation List
■ Mutual Water Companies shall have a clear and definite public purpose and shall benefit the
customers of a water system and not the investors
■ Cities
■ Counties
■ Joint Powers Agencies
■ Nonprofit organizations (existing under Section 501(c) (3) of the IRS Code) and whose purposes are
consistent the RMC’s enabling legislation
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Oct 31, 2018
Due Date Notes
Additional announced due date: December 31, 2018
Match Required?
Match Notes
Provide a monetary match for public-private partnerships projects that will benefit the
long-term revitalization of the Lower LA River. Project are not subject to identification
in the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan. Approximately 10% is recommended for
this category.
San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC)
Total Amount Available for All Grants
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