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The EIR program provides funding to create, develop, implement, replicate, or take to scale entrepreneurial, evidence-based, field-initiated innovations to improve student achievement and attainment for high-need students; and rigorously evaluate such innovations. The EIR program is designed to generate and validate solutions to persistent education challenges and to support the expansion of those solutions to serve substantially larger numbers of students.

The central design element of the EIR program is its multi-tier structure that links the amount of funding an applicant may receive to the quality of the evidence supporting the efficacy of the proposed project, with the expectation that projects that build this evidence will advance through EIR's grant tiers: “Early-phase,” “Mid-phase,” and “Expansion.”

Early-phase grants provide funding to support the development, implementation, and feasibility testing of a program, which prior research suggests has promise, for the purpose of determining whether the program can successfully improve student achievement and attainment for high-need students. Early-phase grants must demonstrate a rationale. These Early-phase grants are not intended simply to implement established practices in additional locations or address needs that are unique to one particular context. The goal is to determine whether and in what ways relatively newer practices can improve student achievement and attainment for high-need students.
Eligible Entities
K-12 School Districts, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations, State Government
Eligibility Notes
An LEA, An SEA, The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), A consortium of SEAs or LEAs, A nonprofit organization. Businesses, institutions of higher education, and education service agencies may be included as part of a partnership with an eligible entity or consortium.

Most Recent/Current Due Date
Apr 02, 2019
Due Date Notes
Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: February 21, 2019. The Secretary strongly encourages each potential applicant to notify us of the applicant's intent to submit an application by completing accessing the form online at Applicants that do not complete this form may still submit an application.
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Feb 01, 2019
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In order to receive a grant, an eligible entity shall demonstrate that the eligible entity will provide matching funds, in cash or through in-kind contributions, from Federal, State, local, or private sources in an amount equal to 10 percent of the funds provided under such grant, except that the Secretary may waive the matching funds requirement, on a case-by-case basis, upon a showing of exceptional circumstances.
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