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The purpose of this program is to encourage bold, innovative reform at the local level that will directly improve student achievement and educator efficiency in learning and teaching. This program focuses on teacher and student classroom interaction, and applicants should demonstrate how they can personalize education for all students in their schools. Successful local educational agencies (LEAs) supported through this program will have the policies, systems, infrastructure, capacity, and culture to enable teachers, teacher teams, and school leaders to continuously focus on improving individual student achievement and closing achievement gaps. Additionally, LEAs must:

Provide teachers the information, tools, and support services that will enable them to meet the needs of each student and substantially accelerate and deepen each student’s learning
Make equity and access a priority and aim to prepare each student to master the content and skills required for college- and career-readiness
Provide each student the opportunity to pursue a rigorous course of study, and accelerate and deepen students’ learning through attention to their individual needs
Create opportunities for students to identify and pursue areas of personal academic interest, while ensuring that each student masters critical areas identified in college
Eligible Entities
K-12 School Districts
Eligibility Notes
Consortia are also eligible
Priority High
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Oct 03, 2013
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Aug 06, 2013
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Total Possible Multi-Year Award
# of Awards
5 awards in 2013; 12 awards in 2012
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United States Department of Education
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(202) 453-6800
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