Community Development, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Workforce Development
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The Social Innovation awards grants to grantmaking institutions, referred to as “intermediaries.” These intermediaries in turn competitively select, provide grants to, and otherwise support high-performing community-based nonprofit organizations to implement evidence-based programs in the areas of healthy futures, economic opportunity and youth development. The intermediaries and the nonprofits must match the grant funds they receive one-to-one in cash from with non-federal sources.

The three issue areas identified are: 1) Youth development, 2) Economic opportunity, and 3) Healthy futures.
Eligible Entities
Nonprofit Organizations
Eligibility Notes
This competition is open to existing grantmaking institutions (organizations that provide grants to nonprofits as an essential means of fulfilling their mission) or eligible partnerships (between a grantmaker and a State Commission on National and Community Service, or a chief executive officer of a unit of general local government with the partner organizations sharing responsibilities under the award). Current SIF Classic recipients may apply for new interventions; however, previous funding from CNCS or another federal agency is not a requisite to apply.
Priority High
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Mar 17, 2015
Most Recent RFP Release Date
Jan 21, 2015
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Total Possible Multi-Year Award
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Preliminary Items
Notice of intent to apply deadline is April 15, 2016. Notices of intent to apply are not required, but are "strongly encouraged."
Match Required?
Match Notes
Applicants must provide a one-to-one cash match from private and other non-federal sources. A majority of awarded federal funds must be invested in subrecipient programs.
Coporation for National and COmmunity Service (CNCS)
Total Amount Available for All Grants
Competition Notes
Funding is available for one year.
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