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Funding will be provided through the Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnership (WREP), part of the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), a Farm Bill conservation program. Through WREP, states, local units of governments, non-governmental organizations and American Indian tribes collaborate with NRCS through cooperative and partnership agreements. These partners work with tribal and private landowners who voluntarily enroll eligible land into easements to protect, restore and enhance wetlands on their properties.

Wetland reserve easements enable landowners to successfully reduce impacts from flooding, recharge groundwater, enhance and protect wildlife habitat and provide outdoor recreational and educational opportunities. Partners benefit from WREP by targeting outreach and enrollment priorities supported by NRCS, including places impacted by natural disasters. Potential partners may submit WREP proposals for an individual landowner project, watershed, or geographic area. Benefits to the partners in WREP agreements include—
• Involvement in wetland protection, restoration, and enhancement in high-priority areas.
• Ability to cost-share restoration or enhancement components beyond those required by NRCS.
• Opportunity to leverage funding to critical resource concerns.
• Opportunity to target outreach and enrollment based on priorities identified by partners and supported by NRCS.
• Opportunity to use innovative restoration methods and practices.
• Ability to maximize habitat benefits on new and existing enrollments.

FA Option: NRCS will make up to $38 million in FA funds available for agreements that will either result in new enrollments of eligible land under a permanent easement, a 30- year easement, a 30-year contract on acreage owned by Indian Tribes, or in implementation of restoration or management of existing ACEP-WRE easements. This option provides FA funds only; there will be no TA funds provided to the partner through this option. FA funds will be provided either directly to the eligible landowner through an appropriate agreement or contract or will be provided to the partner for actual implementation of restoration or management practices or activities. Restoration may be achieved through payments to other parties who conduct the restoration activities.

TA Option: NRCS will make up to $2 million in TA funds available for agreements that will provide technical assistance services to expedite closing, restoration or management design or planning, or monitoring of existing easements. This option provides TA funds only. TA funds must only be used to further existing easements; TA funds must not be used for technical assistance activities that would result in new enrollments. WREP technical assistance activities may include easement acquisition related services, title package review and assembly, contracting services, restoration or management designs or planning, construction stakeout and supervision, or conducting monitoring.

The FA and TA proposal options may not be combined.
Eligible Entities
Local Public Agencies, Native American Tribes, Nonprofit Organizations
Eligibility Notes
Individual landowners may not submit WREP proposals through this submission process. However, once a WREP agreement has been entered by NRCS and the partner, eligible landowners may apply for WREP through their local NRCS office. As part of the WREP agreement, approved partners may also help facilitate the submission of landowner applications, provide additional technical or financial assistance to landowners, and provide other resources as defined in the agreement.
Most Recent/Current Due Date
Jun 14, 2019
Match Required?
Match Notes
Under the FA option, partners are required to provide a combination of in-kind and cash contributions of at least 25 percent of the restoration or management costs.

Under the TA option, partners are required to provide a combination of in-kind and cash contributions of at least 50 percent of the restoration or management costs.
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