Economic Development

The purpose is this opportunity is to provide funding for a recipient to serve as an intermediary to support projects and agreements in collaboration with DoD OSBP to execute the Mentor Protégé Program (MPP) and related tasks in support of small businesses and new entrants that develop diverse solutions to some of the governments most pressing challenges in several novel technology spaces including advanced manufacturing, material sciences, deep learning, cyber security, high performance computing, the technologies that are required to build those materials and the technologies and tools to secure and strengthen domestic supply chains. This intermediary will develop a problem-solving network, which will bring together universities, small businesses, other than small businesses, entrepreneurs, and inventors that can collaborate on projects, functioning as a strategic responsive cell. The intermediary will utilize the industry configuration to identify complex challenges and develop product-oriented solutions. The intermediary will focus on the MPP through establishing and administering reimbursement in support of mentor-protégé agreements between DoD approved mentors and protégé firms and supporting transition and commercialization of agreement outcomes where appropriate.

Eligible Entities
Nonprofit Organizations
Due Date
Jun 30, 2023
RFP Release Date
May 31, 2023
Max Award
# of Awards
Match Required?
Department of Defense ACC-APG-Aberdeen Division A
Total Amount Available for All Grants
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